I majored in Visualization at Texas A&M University with an emphasis on design and motion graphics. The first year after graduating I learned different practices from several great mentors from the companies Drifting Creatives, Brazen Animation and Funimation. In 2015 I was brought on board by a small team to be responsible for all creative services and build a tournament platform for online games, starting with League of Legends. This was an opportunity to immensely improve many skill sets and a chance to build an extremely complicated business from the ground up.

I balance my day job with many other hobbies including: bodybuilding, tennis, freelance, learning internet marketing, traveling, gaming and as of recently, launching foster youths towards confident independence. You could say motivation doesn't allow for that much sleep.

My approach to a creative solution is to find the areas of stress, complex or not, behind the idea that lies in front of me. Simplifying complex concepts while delivering a strong visual story and brand identity is one of my strong suits.

An efficient work environment is one where the team is always open to collaboration and brainstorming. Thriving under pressure is something I'm known for, but doing it with a team builds memories worth living for. Hoo-rah. 

"Instead of waiting for a miracle, be A miracle for someone else."